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Choo Choo by Lil Kevo 303

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Lil Kevo 303 is based in Boston. Peep my new DNB project with Calculon called Chu Hi. I also do video game soundtracks. Breakcore raves to return 2022. By the sweet grace of god Shintaro Kago did the artwork. Lil Kevo 303 logo by Mizyuro.

Lil Kevo 303 would like to thank Spencer and Henrietta for love and friendship, Calculon for dancehall mp3s, Goreshit for being drop dead sexy, and Buttcliff for the acid.

Additional shout outs: DJ Won't, Glowworm, CDR, The Scoop N Scooteryeck out the rest of the Kitty on Fire Records catalogue and click the links above!

(KOF 349)
Choo Choo 

by Lil Kevo 303
March 5, 2021
All tracks written, recorded, and produced by Lil Kevo 303.

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