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Nightmare Tundra by Lil Kevo 303

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Lil Kevo 303, formerly known as Ancient Origin, is a breakcore, DnB, hyper-rave producer and DJ based out of Boston, Massachusetts who has spent the last 2 years playing shows around the globe, composing a video game OST and constantly refining his craft. Kevo is all about having a good time. Utilizing hip-hop and anime samples, pop acapellas and 6th generation VGM synths to make you move your feet and remember a time when shit in general just seemed a little more magical. Not only has his music been released by amazing labels like The Worst, Suck Puck and Dred Collective but he also runs his own net label "Brk- Fast" which hosts some super cool releases from names like Pencil, CDR, Bethas, and Vaenus. This is Lil Kevo's 3rd release with KOF. We all love him and miss him terribly. We'll all dance together soon.

FFO: DJ Sharpnel, 99jakes and YUC'e

(KOF 339)

Nightmare Tundra
by Lil Kevo 303
released June 10, 2020

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