No Fear by Hyperdeath
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No Fear by Hyperdeath

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Fifteen-year-metal-veteran Francesco Presotto's first solo album is a dauntingly technical yet profoundly moving album written during his final tour. The intro song is a seductive chiptune - an honorable selection for the Kitty on Fire Records fans who crave cyber-filth. Presotto plays the guitar, synth, and deejays in an enthralling 12 track suite that ranges from post-hardcore barrage to ominous experimental rock landscapes to East Bay Hardcore breakdowns. Precision meets distortion in a perfectly constructed piece that never spirals out of control.

Francesco has spent the last 15 years touring as a member several metal bands: SKSK, Sky Eats Airplane, Texas In July, Slaves, and most recently as a touring guitarist for AGTG. He parted ways with AGTG in September and recorded all the ideas he had written down on tour. Certain musicians, like cast-iron pans, only get better with age and elbow grease, behold ~ No Fear by Hyperdeath !

(KOF 312)

No Fear
by Hyperdeath
released Dec 25, 2017

CD Forthcoming Wednesday, Dec 27th, 2017.

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