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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Original Soundtrack CD

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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Original Soundtrack on CD!
This is a double-CD release!
comes hand-wrapped in manga, and a digital download.

to download only the digital album, please go to the Bandcamp page.


Soundtrack on DTracks 62-69 are for owners only, and include cool things like the "Sound Test" and a few alternate song versions!

For super fans, additional free music is at . You'll find:

- The "Fatum Novae: Armor of Destiny OST" (from the New Theeland level)
- The ambient audio from the game
- Around 20 drafts, ideas, and experiments.

You can read a pretty big list of the music's influences here:

Buy Anodyne 2 here:


This soundtrack pays homage to multiple decades and histories of video game music from the NES to contemporary times, as well as a wide canon of electronic, dance, classical music and more. That is, it builds upon the work of both famous and well-known composers, to composers with small Soundcloud or Bandcamp followings. It also builds upon the sounds and textures we hear...  more

released August 12, 2019
CD released April 7, 2023

Melos Han-Tani - All tracks, EXCEPT:
R23X (Marc Junker) - track 54
Equip (Kevin Hein) - track 39


Gratuitous Detail For Music Otaku Like Melos Han-Tanie:

54 "The Land" draws on multiple songs and samples from Anodyne 1, especially "Terminal" and "Fields"
53 "White Expanse" is "White Expanse" from my All Our Asias OST
52 "Dustdra Fight" is my own arrangement of the classical public domain song Clorinda False, Adieu!
51 "Yolkwanda" is a remix of my song "Friend" from Anodyne 1.
50 "New Theeland" is my own arrangement of the folk song Greensleeves
43 "Ghost Bridges" is the same song as "Through His Father's Memories [Mountain Pass]" from my All Our Asias OST
40 "Nexus" from Anodyne 1 OST
30 "Gravityshift Spire" is based on "Freezing Desert Night" from my Perfect OST
29 "Within The Dust Storm" is based on "The Data Sea" from my Perfect OST
28 "Longing" is based on "Evening Balcony" from my Perfect OST.
27 "Levitating Aurora Temple" loosely based on a secret abandoned music project
25 "Tree Master Fan Cave" is a rearrangement of an old, unlisted soundcloud sketch.
37 "Poppy Hills of Hope" based on 12 "Center City Cenote"
57/58 "Sinister Glandilock Seed"'s melody draws on 12 as well.
12 is a cut/moved extension of 4 "Albumen Shore Awakening"
8 "Welcome to Alive..." and 4 "Albumen Shore..." are based on 3... I think.
3 "Guardian Palisade", 33 "Handfruit Haven" are based on Track 60 "The Life That We'll Live"
41 "Pastel Horizon" loosely based on Anodyne 1's "Fields"
1, 6, 7, 18, 35, 55, 59 are based on Anodyne 1's "Anodyne". (i.e., "Anodyne II", "The Blessing Of Great Chalaza VIII", "Center Sanctuary", "Purification Hymn of The Center", "COSTUME PARTY'S OVER, NERDS!!", "The Anodyne", "Consume Me, Visionary")
61 "Return to Dust" is a remix of an old draft (in the bonus .zip) and draws upon Anodyne 1's "Fields"

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