About Us

Kitty on Fire Records

Our goal is to offer fair deals in which musicians retain copyright, maintaining control over their music. We reject industry norms that exploit artists. By fostering a culture of respect, transparency, and fairness, we want to create a sustainable place where artists can evolve without sacrificing their identity or creative control.

Fascinated with physicals - we offer a diverse range of printed music, including cassettes, mini-cassettes, CDs, mini-CDs, VHS tapes, and vinyl. 

We ship internationally, offer digital and physical distribution, as well as help uploading to and claiming royalties from performing rights organizations.
If you are interested in playing a show in Vancouver, Canada, or booking one of our musicians for a concert you are hosting please feel free to contact us.


Henrietta Lockheart. Throws down in two post hardcore bands. Loves Vietnamese subs, $1000 ps2 games, Kieth Ape, and his cyber BFF Ruby Q Doe. 


Loves high speeds. Dedicated to faciliting the creation of art. Not an artist in the traditional sense – Spencer practices the art of facilitation.