Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol.5
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Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol.5

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This is the fifth Volume in the Super Duper Digi-Punk Split series. Eight tracks from seven artists whose work we have incredible respect for! All with very different approaches to the genre. All bringing something unique and important to the table.

This is our third release with Lil Kevo 303. Kevo loves living in Boston, making breakcore, spinning DnB, and selling high-quality ice-cream.

Hitori Tori and RiDylan play an enormous role in the Vancouver electro scene. They are both incredibly talented braindance bad boys and we are beyond lucky to live in the same city as them.

Minogame is a pianist and breakcore producer from Colorado who runs one of our all-time favourite labels, Bijou Bay.

Bethas from Finland provides us with two tracks that are wildly unique, haunting, and emotional.

Breakbeat Heartbeat is a chiptune/breakcore producer from the UK boasting a gorgeous catalogue of releases worth digging through.

yoxteller from Japan ends this release by absolutely burning it to the ground. 

Art by: Musou Rinne
Instagram: @musou_rinne

(KOF 334)

Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol.5
released January 21, 2020

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