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WaveTale (Original Game Soundtrack) by JoelBille

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This is the official soundtrack to Thunderful's story-driven action-adventure game WaveTale by Joel Bille.

"I knew from the start that the music would play an important part in Wavetale. I also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The music needed to portray a wide range of moods and emotions. It also needed to set a rhythm that tied into the free and flowy movement of the game. A still ocean surface changing into roaring, monster-filled waves in a moment's notice. The vast open ocean and the solitude of Sigrid being in the midst of it. But also her tenaciousness and the warmth of the people she would meet. Joel did an amazing job crafting a musical score that managed to encapsulate all of this. The hopeful but fragile stillness that at any time could burst into a wild scary roar. Like the ocean." - "Andreas Beijer (Game Director)

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EAN/UPC: 4066878001217
Cat#: BSR067

Composed, recorded and produced by Joel Bille

Flugelhorn: Kristoffer Alehed
Flute: Zofie Kasparová
Additional Flute: Adrian Åsling Sellius
Marimba: Lúcia Silva
Violin & Viola: Agnes Högberg
Acoustic Guitar: Paul Bäcklin
Mastered by Linus Anderson at Elementstudion

Track 15: "Iri’s Lullaby" - Lyrics by Alexandra Dahlberg
Track 15: "Iri's Lullaby" - Vocals by McKenzie Atwood

WaveTale (Original Game Soundtrack)

by JoelBille
On cassette tape // CD
hand-wrapped in manga, comes with digital download of the album. 
August 15, 2023
Digital released December 16, 2022

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