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Bio Blade by Fire-Toolz and R23X

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Fire-Toolz - I Was Born At The Wrong Time
I (0:00 - 0:49) Birth Canal Street
II (0:50 - 2:44) The Illusion Of The Absence Of Light
III (2:45 - 3:54) Watchin' The Bunnies Eat
IV (3:55 - 4:59) Pure Magical Love In My Heart Like A Burning Sword
V (5:00 - 6:09) Awakening™ Fantasy

R23X - Entering The Blue Zone
(00:00 - 5:20)

released December 3, 2021
Side A composed by: Fire-Toolz (Angel Marcloid)
Side B composed by: R23X (Marc Junker)
Audio mastered for all formats by: Angel Hair Audio
Album Art by: Dave Shen
Layout/Design by: R23X (Marc Junker)

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