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Frog Angel E.P. by gg. mothra & Kabuto

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The long awaited collaboration album of gg. mothra and Kabuto is finally here! 5 distinct eclectic tracks full of breaks, vocal chops, 160 footwork madness and some surprising new styles only made possible by this fusion of production techniques. (meaning a tb-03 was recorded by aux cable)

released June 30, 2023
Mastered by Ike Zwanikken
Frog creatures by @supermetalx

Thank you to everyone that supported us and put up with the lengthy production. Special shoutout to everybody that has been promoting WIPs in their DJ sets <3

Frog Angel E.P.

by gg. mothra & Kabuto
On cassette tape
hand-wrapped in manga, comes with digital download of the album. 
September 15, 2023
Digital released June 30, 2023

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