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霊体ミミズ (GHOST_WORM) by bye2

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8 Streams of Consciousness Developed In A Soft Cell Fully Eco Friendly Cardboard Recycling Power Plant With Only The Finest™ Carbon Neutral Paint Lobotomy Tubes. Connect And Dial In To A World With Hidden Secrets And Possible Large Chunks Of Ice And Flesh Molded Into One Through Horrific Circumstances. Peer Into The Frozen Kaleidoscope And Look Upon Its Mirthful Glow, Gaze Into The Abyssal Heart Of The Isolated Plateau And Reap Its Horrors From Now Until The End Of Eternity.

(KOF 350)

霊体ミミズ (GHOST_WORM) 
by bye2
September 25, 2020
cassette released March 5, 2021

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