Girls Eating Boys & TETSURO Split
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Girls Eating Boys & TETSURO Split

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KOF' sweetheart Girls Eating Boys teams up with TETSURO for this well weaved certified cyber celebration of chipbreak collaboration. This duo has a 5 Way Electronic ''Kawaii-ness'' Split with Pavel "Kingdom" Graff and GEB was recently featured in the Sounds of Post​-​Soviet Fakebit comp with Capybara Fucking Pirate Destroyer, LUNATIC COFFEE MACHINE, and many other members of the KOF family. 

There is something ... possibly... dangerous being concocted in this 
little experimental VK scene right now and KOF is so happy to be a part of it. True digital alchemy. 

Girls Eating Boys & TETSURO
(KOF 313)

by Nekrock
released Jan 3, 2017

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