Hikikomori Pop by Fela Pure
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Hikikomori Pop by Fela Pure

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Fela Pure is the side project of Girls Eating Boys! Loud and abrasive Lolicore/Noisecore. Hikikomori Pop is very reminiscent of DRINKLOLIP by MOETANNN which in Ruby and Henrietta's humble opinion is a very underated release and sound in general. Cute and Brutal. Like an endless Kawaii Kill Count!

Avant garde blackened cyber pop: tense, thick harmonies, wet growls, breaks, and hard-hitting bass, all filtered through shimmering layers of effects. Dark, bouncy, and upbeat.

8 crystalline love ballads for the pure of heart, 65 minutes.

(KOF 298)

Hikikomori Pop
by Fela Pure
released June 14, 2017

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