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HYPER BEAM by x.nte

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Biting mechanical precision from Atlanta-based producer x.nte.
An ice-bound 13 track LP that is consistently brilliant throughout.
"HYPER BEAM" is punishing and unpredictable in a way that few albums are able to achieve let alone maintain. Implementing "eye of the storm" song structure but on a micro-scale. Desolate and crowded at the same time. All the uneasiness of isolation but all the serenity as well.

With prior releases appearing on Suck Puck Recordz, \\NULL|ZØNE// and Sonicterror Records x.nte has an interesting catalogue well worth digging through.

Cover art/cassette characters were designed by Shyua (@_shyua) & Graphix Slayer (@graphixslayer)

Special thanks to Elevation (@elevationishere) for their appearances.

FFO: Hitori Tori, Noiseman Sound Insect, Bethas, Orphen: Scion of Sorcery and enduser

(KOF 354)

by x.nte
released June 4, 2021

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