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Jet Set Radio Future OST Music Sampler

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Contains a selection of songs from the Jet Set Radio Future Original Soundtrack
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A limited Sample CD released with preorders of Jet Set Radio Future. Grand Royal's last release.

Includes remixes and original tracks composed by the Latch Brothers.

:Music Contains Explicit Lyrics:

Excerpt From Linear Notes:

The Latch Brothers are: Mike D a.k.a "The Latchin' Duke", Kenny Salcido a.k.a. "Count Tickula" and Chris Wagner a.k.a. "Sir Poom A Lot".

Wave Master, Inc.

Sound Producer: Fumitaka Shibata

Sound Creators: Hideki Naganuma

Executive Producer: Yukifumi Makino

01. The Concept of Love / Hideki Naganuma

Written and Produced by Hideki Naganuma. Published by Wave Master Inc.

02. Ill Victory Beat* / The Latch Brothers

03. I'm Not A Model / Russell Simins

Performed by Russel Simins. Written by Russell Simins, Jamey Staub and Rick Lee. Published by Russel Simins (BMI). Courtesy of Grand Royal Records, LLC. (P) 2000 Grand Royal Records, LLC.

04. Me Likey The Poom Poom* / The Latch Brothers

05. Birthday Cake / Cibo Matto

Performed by Cibo Matto. Composed by Cibo Matto "Miho Hatori & Yuka Honda, BMI". Produced under license from Warner Bros. Records Inc. by arrangement with Warner Special Products.

06. Latch Brother Bounce* / The Latch Brothers

07. Count Latchula* / The Latch Brothers

08. Aisle 10 / Scapegoat Wax

Performed by Scapegoat Wax. (Marty James Garton, Jr.). (c) 2001 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) & Watch the Sasquatch Music (BMI). All Rights on behalf of Watch the Sasquatch Music (BMI). Administered By Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission. Courtesy of Grand Royal Records, LLC. (P) 2001 Grand Royal Records, LLC.

09. Koto Stomp* / The Latch Brothers

10. Rockin' The Mic (Latch Brothers Remix) / The Prunes

Remixed by The Latch Brothers. Performed by the Prunes. Written by The Prunes - Peder Pederson, Simon Bonde, Christian Buksti. Published by Copyright Control (KODA). Courtesy of Grand Royal Records, LLC. (P) 2001 Grand Royal Records, LLC.

11. What About The Future / Richard Jacques

Written and Produced by Richard Jacques. Published by Wave Master, Inc.

*Written and Produced and Poomified by The Latch Brothers. Published by Kanna Music / Universal-Polygram International Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP), Count Tickula (ASCAP) and Blah, Blah, Blah Ginger Music (BMI). (P) 2000 Grand Royal Records, LLC  

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