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Link Seed by CubeNatural

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Things aren’t looking too good. Gate Watcher Nez has been sealed away thanks to the malfunctioning Control Unit, C.5. If a planet loses even one of its Gate Watchers, the Ruleo become that much more difficult to handle. Gate Watcher Iba may be a genius, but even she has her limits. Reality is starting to fall apart. What in the world are CubeNatural and TopHead up to? Where is Alice? Who created Junk Eater? So many questions but not enough answers. Despite the serious repercussions that come with C.5's actions, it doesn’t seem to care. In fact, is this what it wanted? A Natural Phenomenon called “Poyokijo” seems to have been triggered. All Controllers have experienced a drastic increase in the fluidity of their abilities. Not only that, their connection to the Ruleo has never been higher. “The p-power of Link Seed. With this, Yupipo is one step c-closer to being free from MUUTen’s lies.”

Includes digital download Link Seed.
(KOF 357)

Link Seed
by Cube Natural
June 30, 2021

Album art by @cubenatural

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