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Misdirection by Goreshit and Hitori Tori

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This is a split between two friends whose music and lives are worlds apart but whose dedication and approach to their artistry could not be more aligned. This album is the product of an intercontinental whirlwind breakbeat bromance. Assembled from hex code, hardware, and human connectivity.

Hitori Tori is your favourite breakcore artist's favourite breakcore artist. As cliche as it to say, but his music really does sound like the future, the real future, the one that's uncomfortable, unpredictable and ever-changing. The future that we got, not the one we were promised.

Goreshit is the UK plunderphonics prince. They are a staple member of the international breakcore scene with a catalogue of 50+ releases and an unarguable influence on the current state of high-speed dance music.  

(KOF 347)

by Goreshit and Hitori Tori
Forthcoming April 2, 2021

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