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Technotise: Edit I Ja OST by Slobodan Štrumberger

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Original soundtrack to the 2009 Serbian cyberpunk animated film Technotise: Edit I Ja directed by Aleksa Gajic and based on his comic book series of the same name. Released in North America as Technotise: Edit & I. Set in Belgrade, 2074, the film features many cyberpunk staples such as cybernetic implants, hoverboards, robots, and of course clunky, oversized and aesthetically pleasing firearms. 

Slobodan's OST moves between techno, pop, synthwave, and ambient. Achieving a spectrum of sound comparable to big-budget titles of the era such as Titan A.E and Vexille. Reminiscent of Yoko Shimomura's work on the 'Parasite Eve' soundtrack and drawing clear influence from The Prodigy, this OST has serious replay value. 

(KOF 333)
Technotise: Edit I Ja OST
by Slobodan Štrumberger
released Jul 2, 2019

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