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The Grey Sheep by Smoked Solid Dairy

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Smoked Solid Dairy spread their Nerd-Punk propaganda. Wallowing in the unrequited love of every 2D girl whose figurines they can never afford.

FFO Deep Wound, Articles of Faith and Space Adventure Cobra. MAKE NEKOS NOT NUKES!! GET CUTE UNTIL YOU PUKE!! Embrace the anti-social side of you that seeks only what little vitamin D the glow of your laptop provides. The once bright-eyed and hollowed out soul that could spend infinite hours hunting down a half-decent torrent of Hiroyuki Imaishi's Dead Leaves.

Kawaii from Hawaii!! Cassettes for Cuties!!

No, the bonus track is not streamable!
(KOF 304)

The Grey Sheep
by Smoked Solid Dairy
released August 30, 2017

*Note prices are in Canadian, cassette equal to $10 USD

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