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Wishes by Lordsun

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TKYOGRL is the Lo-fi hiphop side project of California kawaii bass producer and KOF affiliate Lordsun AKA Ahkin Tellez. Straight forward, fuzzy and heartfelt tracks. Glitchy melancholic loops with distant pianos, dejected anime girls and some calm cool and collected drum work.

Bass music is Lordsun's main focus but Ahkin has recently began experimenting with new sounds and styles, adding to his wheelhouse and continuing to sharpen his skill set. That makes this the perfect time to drop half a decade worth of unreleased beats. "Wishes" represents the first half of these songs freshly rescued from a hard drive thought to be lost.

You and the crew are taking an Al Bhed airship from Neo-Tokyo to Costa del Sol to see Cham! open for Priss and The Replicants live at the Cyberia Café. Your homie passes you the AUX cord. Make the right decision.

FFO: MF Doom, Makoto Shinkai, Dan the Automator and Kyoto Animation

(KOF 341)

by Lordsun
released August 24, 2020

To buy the digital album please go to Lordsun's Bandcamp.
Cassette comes with digital download + toys & pin.
T-shirt available in pink and white.

Album art by Lordsun and Henrietta Lockheart

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