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Zany Upbeat Percussive Music by Flash Conduct and GHSU

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June is finally here! Crazy I know. FLASH CONDUCT and GHSU's Angela Anaconda collaborative tribute album is out now on account of it being done. Utilizing a fantastic technique they meticulously developed over the course of a summer, parts of each track would be individually recorded onto the separate programs of an 8 track and mailed to the other person for complete physical analogue modification with exacto knives, Brise-Glace style. This time, the style was applied to a more digital music, offering a completely unique juxtaposition of extremely digital and extremely analogue sounds in a bizarrely anachronistic method. Spliced together in the songs are recordings from theme parks, hence the unused title of one of the tracks being "Trick Track Double Up" which featured a sound recorded directly on that portion of the coaster. In between crushing breakcore madness are large stretches of near silence, both artists' first attempts at Electro-Acoustic Improvisation. Also they both really like Little Caesar's pizza. And then I actually went to this store and found this crazy shirt for like 13$ so even though I didn't have much money on me on account of me dropping $155 on cassette tapes that I'm still waiting to come in (thanks University mailing system!), I just HAD to buy it. Actually now I kinda hate walking outside in it lol. And anyways there was this one time where like I found 20$ on the ground, it was crazy. And then this other time I was on Instagram and I found out that christtt and Arcade_Matt both follow each other isn't that crazy.

Zany Upbeat Percussive Music
by Flash Conduct and GHSU

Nov 10, 2023

Description written by Cirklon Nanette Menoir Nobody Nothing Music Fennekospiel 日本語を話します Death Sentence 2
Special thanks to Kitty on Fire Records, MTS AIRMASS, and nohighs

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