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Witchpop Volume One by Witch Café

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Witchpop Volume One is the debute EP from Witch Café a UK chiptune artist who composes songs on her guitar then translates them through LSDJ and into Ableton. Drawing 8bit influence from Sabre Pulse and Breakbeat Heartbeat ensuring that no matter how fun or driving the songs are they are never short on emotionality. This is a rock solid debut release. It would be in your very best interest not to sleep on Witch Café.

FFO: Chipzel, Fighter X, Mischief Makers, Sythe, Eco Creatures: Save the Forest, Popsicle Theory, Polly Pocket and Chibi-Tech

(KOF 342)

Witchpop Volume One
by Witch Café
released October 23, 2020

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