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Dream Jungle by Golden Boy

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Golden Boy the crowned Prince of the Cyber Rave brings a new addition to the Kitty on Fire catalogue. Dream Jungle is a 6 track EP featuring collaborative efforts from Kazuma Matsui and their Norm Corps comrade DJ Chainwallet. Their tracks posses a certain hard to define comfortability. Groovy and graceful, never lacking in excitement, tension or experimentation. Filled with synth sounds and samples that are well placed nods to foundational source material of the genre.

FFO: Jet Set Radio, Tim Reaper, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, M-beat, Bomberman Hero, FFF and Texhnolyze

(KOF 357)

Dream Jungle 
by Golden Boy
June 16, 2021

Album cover by Paris Alexander
All tracks mastered by Kazuma Matsui
Kazuma Matsui:
Special Thanks to Govlink, 99Jakes and the Normcorps discord <3

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