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Gate Watchers by Cube Natural

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Oh boy. Now they’ve done it. The Ruleo have swelled to an astronomical size and are out of control. To make matters worse, somehow they got corrupted and are now under the influence of the failed Control Unit, C.5. Yupipo is in a tizzy and it’s entirely CubeNatural and TopHead’s fault. Speaking of which, where did those two go? Thanks to the power of the MUUTen Protocol device, the trouble makers were rocketed into a strange portal that was created by the unstable mass of Ruleo. The duo entered into the Gate. “You two are not supposed to be here.” Gate Watcher Iba scolds the two for their recklessness. She informs them that the Ruleo are too far gone to be saved. They’ll have to be recycled. However, this is easier said than done. Recycling Ruleo is too strenuous to do alone. Having no choice, Gate Watcher Iba temporally grants CubeNatural and TopHead permission to synchronize with the Ruleo, the power of Gate Watchers.

FFO: Hideki Naganuma, Biorg Trinity, DJ Shinkawa, Nite Fleit, Threads of Fate, Golden Boy, Coco Bryce and Basquash!
releases December 4, 2020

Includes digital download Gate Watchers
Price is in CANADIAN, cassette equal to $10 USD, mini-CD equal to $7USD (or less).

(KOF 343)

Gate Watchers
by Cube Natural
December 4, 2020

Album art by @cubenatural

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