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MEIAN // Diva Plavalaguna by MEIAN, Diva Plavalaguna

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A split two years in the making. The second release from MEIAN and the first from Diva Plavalaguna. This split is here now - having survived an earthquake and one band dissolving to re-form. 

MEIAN Instantly captures an uplifting and nostalgic feeling then shift into a much more melancholic sound. Both tracks are undefinable as anything but pure screamo. Like standing on the edge of the earth holding hands with your best friend. 

Diva Plavalaguna brings to the table a dramatic and emotionally taxing three and a half minutes followed by spazztic synthcore informed by early 2000's effeminate west coast rudiments. 

*Note Prices in Canadian, cassette equal to $8.00 USD / vinyl $16.00 USD
(KOF 322)

MEIAN // Diva Plavalaguna
by MEIAN, Diva Plavalaguna
released August 9, 2018MEIAN 

Soichiro Murayama | guitar 
Yuta Yonekawa | guitar 
Kenji Abe | drums 
Masaru Ogida | vocals 
Shinko Ito /bass+vocals 

Recorded at Studio Red Hot 
Engineered by Koji Fujita 
Mixed by Natsuko Takeda 
Mastered by Nobuo Funakoshi 

Diva Plavalaguna 
Lucie Holloway  synth+vocals 
Miggy Hawes | guitar+vocals 
Henrietta Lockheart | drums+vocals 
Eli Shreyer Allen | bass 

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered 
by Errol West at 333 Studios 

Artwork By: Breanna McGowan 
Instagram: Breahappy 

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