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Robot Speaker / Girls Eating Boys Split

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Robot Speaker from Japan has been consistently producing unique and genuine experimental IDM forever. He has contributed to two of the Super Duper Digi-Punk splits here at Kitty on Fire as well as two full length releases on Placenta Recordings and a new single on Swafflecore Records. 

Lofi Hip Hop meets Noisy Post-Breakcore. 

Girls Eating Boys are the Fakebit / 8bit Orchestrator of VK Chiptune crowd. Having put together an impressive amount of splits and full lengths since submitting Mushroom Fairies to us in 2016. Connecting with other artists and supplying fresh releases for upcoming labels seems to be GEB's consistent objective and that's something we have great respect for. 

8Bit / Breakbit / Fakebit / Real Shit. 

(KOF 325)

Robot Speaker / Girls Eating Boys Split
by Robot Speaker / Girls Eating Boys Split
released November 8, 2018

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