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Morpha by infernalbunny

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infernalbunny's first album!

📟MORPHA OUT NOW📟 link in bio 📟 A destructive loop of overloaded broken rhythms, distant noisy melodies, embracing the chaos of digital technology and multimedia. The process of transforming cacophonous textures into a lo-fi cyber aesthetic soundtrack || Разрушительная петля перегруженных ломаных ритмов, далеких шумных мелодий, охватывающих хаос цифровых технологий и мультимедиа. Процесс преобразования какофонических текстур в саундтрек lo-fi кибер эстетики.

Infernalbunny is a media artist, DJ, and sound designer living in Barcelona. Inspired by Internet culture and intricate, fragmented rhythms, they gained recognition at Resonance Moscow events and through collaborations with the Svoboda Zvuka projects and the SBPCH group. They create music that transcends genres and tempos, transforming cacophonous textures into a lo-fi cyber aesthetic soundtrack.

(KOF 388)

by infernalbunny
February 23, 2024

Cover art and layout lich_b1257_12
Music by infernalbunny

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