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Summer in Mara OST by Adrián Berenguer and Paco Mitos

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The Summer in Mara original soundtrack is a collaborative effort masterfully composed by Adrián Berenguer and Paco Mitos, filled with gorgeous instrumentation and a great deal of time and care. Vibrant orchestral arrangements, plucky character themes and laid-back island vibes.

Adrián has composed music for the Deiland Saga, 2019's Effie, and several other film and television projects. Paco is best known for their work on Wif, The Soccer Battle and is currently working on Chibig's upcoming title Ankora: Lost Days.

Falling perfectly in a space between two of the early 2000's brightest and boldest pieces of media. In a very respectful and well-executed manner, Summer In Mara is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker done in the style of Lilo & Stitch. A visually delightful 3D adventure with a serene and memorable OST.

released August 28, 2021

Composed by
Adrián Berenguer & Paco Mitos

Marinera (track 2)
Composed by Adrián Berenguer

Vocals by Macarena VelascoRecorded, mixed and mastered by Adrián Berenguer - ANBR in ANBR Studio.

(Bonus track):
Marinera (Red Limo Quartet Version)
Composed by Adrián Berenguer

Red Limo Quartet:
Sietse van Gorkom,
Camilla van der Kooij (violin),
Rani Kumar (viola),
Jonas Pap (cello).

String arrangement by
Red Limo Quartet

Piano & Synths by
Ruth ‘O Mahony Brady

Vocals by Gráinne Hunt

Mixed by Jonas Pap
Mastering by Darius van Helfteren

Jcard art by Nathan Chan aka AzouraArt

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