6 Independent Short Film Scores

OST soundtrack

FFO: Riceboy SleepsKipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts, Fast Color and NEUROSI5: Momento

Amina is living in the big city, working from home. When adult life pressures reach an all time high, her house comes alive in strange and unusual ways, forcing her to face an invisible enemy to save her work day 



An ominous vision leads to tragic news for Yanise and her family when she receives word of her grandfather’s passing. Unable to return to Puerto Rico immediately, Yanise arrives three months later and is welcomed by her mom, grandmother, and cousins. At breakfast, Yanise describes a recurring dream of being held in the ocean. Her grandmother recognizes it as a calling from Yemaya and shares a ritual that leads to a spiritual awakening and ultimately, a salve for Yanise's grief. 


  No Law, No Heaven follows a boy growing up in Hong Kong Kowloon’s Walled City, one of the most densely populated settlements in the world, neglected by its government. Written and directed by Kristi Hoi, a finalist of the 2021 Student Short Film Showcase.


In the wild, Rhinos and Red-Billed Oxpeckers have a very unique symbiotic relationship. The oxpeckers spend their day nestled on top of the rhino for food and protection, and in return they help to alert the often visually-impaired rhinos if there is danger in the area. They can, however, be a nuisance to their hosts, often picking at wounds when searching for food, and their bond can quickly turn parasitic. 


  Planet Temoin and its habitats has been captured by a species known as 'Humans', a mother and daughter spirit hopes to resolve the conflict via lethal methods.



In the distant land of Fandel, an unknown terror has arrived. A battle beyond compare between man and demon, in more ways than one.

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