Dodgeball Academia OST // Interview with Leonardo Lima

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FFO: Nijiiro Dodgeball: Otome Tachi no SeishunKnockout City™XS Junior League Dodgeball and Honō no Tōkyūji: Dodge Danpei

Favourite Track: Dormitory


Leonardo took the time to answer a few questions we had about their work on the Dodgeball Academia soundtrack as well as some of their upcoming releases. Here's what they had to say!

Q1: There are a surprising amount of dodgeball games from the late 90's and early 2000's. Did you dig through any of those titles for inspiration?

A1: I played a lot of dodgeball games on older consoles. I didn't specifically reference them during the process of creating the Dodgeball Academia song, but they had some influence.

Q2: Good item shop music is crucial and the Dodge Shop theme is excellent. Are there any other games that you feel have a great item shop theme?

A2: Hey, thanks for that. I had a lot of fun creating that theme. There is some great shop music lying around.. such as that iconic Zelda OOT one, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Cheap Shop Theme which blends chiptune with acoustic guitars and a bossa nova flavor.

Q3: Have you had a chance to play any of these songs live?

A3: Unfortunately not! It would be quite a challenge to arrange the OST as a band because some songs are really stacked with layers and layers of instruments, but it would be a fun ride.

Q4: What do you use to create your chiptune / square wave sounds?

A4: It’s a mix of a lot of VSTs. Sometimes I double/triple/quadruple a lead timbre to get different sound layers according to the sound I want at that moment. The ones I used the most were Analog Labs (Arturia), miniBit (Audiothing), Serum and Logic’s own sampler (EXS24).

Q5: There seem to be a lot of excellent indie games and underground electronic music coming out of Brazil right now. Are there any specific factors you think are contributing to that?

A5: Brazil has an incredible range of talent in all areas. The game dev environment has become increasingly professional, with courses and events in the gaming area. We have always been passionate about games and music, but the lack of opportunity and poor working conditions made many of our great developers leave the country to work in large game companies.

I am very happy to see more and more quality creations coming out of here, being recognized around the world. I'm also glad to have entered Aquiris Game Studio, an awesome game company with games like Wonderbox, Horizon Chase and Looney Tunes: WoM.

Q6: The long anticipated Dungeon Drafters will be releasing soon. What can people expect to hear from your work on that soundtrack?

A6: Oh my, it will be a wild ride. It’s one of my most ambitious soundtracks, with over 80 minutes of music. The game will have a series of themes for each dungeon, with different music genres that fits the mood. It goes from a frenetic jazz with sax and piano solos, to a tribal percussive rock, to a floaty and dreamy electronic sound.

Q7: What have you been gaming lately? 

A7: One of my all-time favorite games is Team Fortress 2. Sadly, it has been flooded with bots for a loooong time.. but I still persevere and play it often haha. I’m also playing Unsighted, an awesome Brazilian indie game.

Find more of their music below.

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