Illusions of the Heart

hiphop lofi neoclassical orchestral piano

Yuang Chen is an accomplished composer and multi instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada, known for creating memerable soundtacks to an enourmous list of films, games, and visual novels as well as being the founder and chief composer of Seycara Music and Arts. His pieces have been performed by the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Seycara Studio Orchestra. Some visual novels scored by the Seycara Music team include Over The Hills And Far Away, No One But You, Shining Song Starnova and CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~.

This latest release titled "Illusions of the Heart" is a Studio Ghibli inspired neoclassical instrumental album with contributions from nine different performers. What has essentially been achieved here is a lo-fi hiphop album with zero samples. It's conceptually quite interesting. The idea of recreating a genre based in "plunderphonics" and attempt to duplicate that sound with all the nessecary orchestral pieces. Clarinet, English Horn, Flute, Piano, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, and Violin overlayed with the warm pop and crinkle of vinyl and old school hiphop drum sounds. All the music was composed, orchestrated, produced, programmed, mixed, and mastered by Yuang Chen himself. It's calm, captivating, and cute af.

Favourite tracks "Chromatic Delusion" and "Luv U". 
FFO: Kaelin Ellis, NIIKA and Gareth Coker 
Find more of their music below!

*I feel I have to mention some weird shit I found while looking this up. It appears there is an almost identical bandcamp page here  

It contains many of the same albums but with different descriptions and occasionally less songs. They have also collaborated on a shocking amount of failed kick starter projects and a bunch of the succsessful projects they are credited with collaborating on are missspelled or just straight up missing from their website.* 

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