Mutazione OST

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Akupara Games are responsible for publishing some of the most stunningly beautiful and strikingly original indie projects of this era. Games like "Desert Child", "Ether Born" and the upcoming "Spinch". Last year they released "Mutazione" an adventure game that explores themes of courage, abandonment and the importance of genuine interpersonal connections. The emotional weight of the game is held up by it's exquisite soundtrack. The first time I heard Alessandro Coronas's work was back in 2011 playing an adorable little game called "Where Is My Heart?" on the Playstation Portable. The soundtrack was essentially chiptune influenced lofi hiphop with ambient sections. Despite a completely different sound pallet this new OST feels very much the same but even more skillfully executed. The trick is in the way the music draws you in with its comforting ambient soundscapes while simultaneously putting you on edge. The game and its soundtrack are an exquisite reminder of the duality of happiness. The beauty in sorrow and the melancholy of contentment. Nothing I have said speaks to tracks 4 through 8 which are faithful recreations of the late 80s early 90s "Riot grrrl" era sound. With the quintessential bratty punk vocals and fuzzy guitar tones it's difficult to even believe these songs are new. Favourite tracks "Modular Cloud" and "Riot Girls 1-2".

FFO: Brian Eno, Delta 5 and the work of Akira Yamaoka 

Find more of their music below!

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