Sky Tree

breakcore dnb electronic future funk kawaii bass

CubeNatural is an electronic music producer based in Maryland who composes tracks about a cute alien that aimlessly wanders a strange planet. This debut EP "Sky Tree" is a clean 50/50 split between the worlds of breakcore and kawaii bass. Laced with elements of jungle, vaporwave and future funk this release does a lot of things but it takes the time to do them all well. The glitchy vocal samples add a shiny layer of pop to the overall tone. Do not be mistaken because it isn't all fun, when the amens hit, this shit goes off. This album touches on a lot of genres but none of the aspects suffer from overreach. It is all perfectly contained within this collection of high energy short run tracks. Favourite songs "Ujilo-Nintey9" and "It's Cool". 

FFO: Hideki Naganuma, 99jakes and TORIENA 

Find more of their music below!

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