Wirewalk()↳ OST // Dani Serranú Interview

chiptune OST soundtrack

FFO:  Ghost Labyrinth, An Autumn With You, Core Machina and Drill Dozer

Favourite Track: Organic Research 

I had a chance to ask Dani some questions about her work on Wirewalk()↳ and here's what she had to say!

Q1: What Hardware or DAWs do you use to create your chip sounds?

A1: For Wirewalk I used Fl Studio 20 because me and Danilo, the game developer, wanted a chiptune hybrid sound with more modern electronic music elements. For that, I took the soundtrack more to the Digital Fusion side using the piano Noir, Genny FL, 3 OSC (native to FL Studio) and hybrid drums.

Q2: Which video game OSTs do you look to for inspiration? 

A2: I love soundtracks with a lot of melody. The ones I love the most are from the Ori and The Blind Forest franchise, Child of Light and Plants vs. Zombies. Although I didn't use them as reference for the Wirewalk soundtrack, I used a lot of anime openings!

Q3: What advice would you give to aspiring game composers?

A3: Always continue with perseverance and never be discouraged! When I started out in my game audio career, I felt like I was lagging behind other songwriters I knew and aspired to, it really felt like I was never going to get there. But I learned that this feeling is very common when we care about something and are afraid of failing, we always want to be better. That's why we have to continue studying, looking, working for this growth to happen, even if often the feeling of not knowing seems to be overwhelming.

Q4: There are a lot of indie games and chiptune artists coming out of Brazil right now. Why do you think that is?

I believe many indie studios in Brazil have tried new approaches to games. Previously, we had a very strong mobile market in the country, and although this still happens, I believe there are more studios focusing on visuals and projects that escape this mobile aesthetic. That's why I believe that aesthetics such as pixel art, voxel and chiptune have been more recognized. I feel like we're taking what we loved in other games, adding a little bit of our culture and exporting to the world. It makes me very happy.

Find more of their music below!


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