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FFO: Jeane D'arc, Head Wound City, ANDREW GOES TO HELL, Shiki and Waqwaq, Vol. 1: Proof of the Gods

Favourite Track: RiderZ (feat. Girls At Work)

MANAPOOL was nice enough to answer a few questions about their latest full length and what they've been working on. Here's what they had to say!

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about Trance Tuesdays? 

A1: TRANCE TUESDAYs is a compilation the collective I run, Chao Gardem, puts out in a series. We've concluded our first arc, with three compilations released as of now. 

It was started initially as a joke between me and the other leader of Chao Gardem (DANI rev). Initially we jokingly said we would do it, the joke being that trance and Tuesday start with the letter t and we love/make trance. Turns out everyone in the collective was able to make a trance song in time, and after the first one we kept going for three more weeks.

Q2: What have you been listening to lately? 

A2: Soundcloud rap/pop like Misogi, No Rome, Vegito, Hi-C, Draingang. Old Japanese trance and nu skool breaks such as: OD, Finalweaponboyfriend, BeFoRu, Another Infinity. Nu metal: Deftones, Dir En Grey, System of a Down.

Q3: You have worked on collaborative projects with both OUTBACK and Casper Mcfadden. What do you enjoy most about the collaborative process? Can we expect to see more collab releases in the future?

A3: What I enjoy most about the collaborative process is that it's approaching music creation from another person's perspective, or having someone else's perspective on something I started. With Casper and Outback we not only have a fruitful creative relationship but we are also very close personally. You can hear the bond we share between us in each release. 
Currently me and outback are working our sequel to future Canon episodes 1/2. Planning to finish by summer. 

Q4: Do you have any hidden gem video game recommendations? 

A4: I have too many. Currently playing Jeane D'arc for PSP, it's made by the company that made Dark Cloud and Ni No Kuni. (level 5) it's a tactical jrpg with 3d models set in France with Joan of Arc being the main character. 

Q5: The ZODIAC CORE album has a goth / metal aesthetic. What are the bands from those genres that inspire you? 

A5: Zodiac Core's cover was directly influenced by covers for 'DYSTOPIA' albums.  My favorite bands within that scene would be Dir En Grey (favorite of all time), Orchid, Discordance Axis, Full of Hell, Wormrot, and the Locust. I initially started making and releasing music in the Midwest screamo revival scene circa 2010-2015.

Find more of their music below.


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