7 Tunes In 7 Days

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Hospital Records is a UK drum&bass label that has been active since 1996. Recently they released Hugh Hardie's "7 Tunes in 7 Days" which is as you can imagine a collection of songs composed from the ground up, one a day, for seven days. This is Hugh Hardie's fourth release with Hospital and his latest since the 2019 full length "Shadows & Silhouettes". This album is refreshing to see as it is currently very difficult for a lot of artists (for obvious reasons) to feel any motivation to sit down and create. Track 6 is a collaboration with Shogun Audio affiliates Pola and Bryson and it's exquisite, sounding like a hyper sophisticated action RPG menu theme. The final track "Gretchen Bass" utilizes pads and a bass line that Hugh created by setting up a microphone in front of his cat Gretchen while she purred and meowed. Super mellow, super clean. Favourite track "Klaxton". 

FFO: Ridylan, Flava DEd:It and Om Unit

Find more of their music below! 



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