Cherry Plum

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"Cherry Plum" was first prepared as a flower essence by Dr. Edward Bach in 1935, as a remedy for the intense fear of losing control of one’s mind and, if I may,  couldn't we all do with a bit of that shit right now. This cute little release was dropped in 2018 by 

ahiru あひる an electronic artist from The Netherlands who specializes in downtempo, chillwave beats and piano compositions. They are a member of the "nemuri winter" sleepy beat netlabel & collective.

Drift away with these six stunning tracks. Sounding like the score to and early Makoto Shinkai feature, this album is filled with classical elements, nostalgic samples and a whimsical cover by vivirin all at the very reasonable cost of "name your price". Favourite track "as we shared our stories under that tree".

FFO: Breakbeat Heartbeat, Popsicle Theory and Azuria Sky.


Find more of their music below.


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