Wind Your Spring

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Cody J AKA Corduroi is a glitchy beatmaker and IDM producer from San Antonio, TX. Wind Your Spring is a collection of unreleased tracks spanning half a decade. It was followed a couple of weeks later by a 5 song EP entitled Imago that I also recommend checking out. I have an aversion to trip-hop and I would be lying if I said that a lot of these songs didn't fall under that classification but this shit hits different. It sounds biomechanical. The songs are filled with classic naustalgic electro sounds but the vibe is very organic in the literal sense. Like watching a hardware set in a greenhouse. A lot of it reminds me of the Mutazione OST which, funtioning as a mechanic in the game, was supposed to resemble a garden where different instruments in the song are played by different plants. It also reminds me specifically of The Outer Banks a song by The Album Leaf which some of you might embarrasingly remember from the soundtrack to The OC. This embarrasment can be countered however by remembering that Jimmy Lavalle of The Album Leaf was a founding member of Swing Kids and The Locust which is super cool and has nothing to do with this album but I digress. Favourite tracks Cherrywood Spring and Jetski.

FFO: Hitori Tori, Breakbeat Heartbeat and Vytear


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