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bl00dwave's 2014 release N E W  V I S U A L S was my introduction to vaporwave and I have remained a fan of their music ever since. The album features collab tracks with heavy hitters 

猫 シ Corp and YUNG BAE and was undoubtedly what set me down the path of future funk, city pop, lo-fi and plunderphonics. In late 2015 bl00dwave started moving away from making sample based music and began producing a more retro synth-wave sound. Their 2018 album EGO is where I believe the combination of all of these influences truly harmizes into a perfectly executed record featuring some really dope vocal performances from GHOSTGIRL, HELH and Livid Color. Their newest full length Afterglow was released earlier this year on the highly respected net label buisness casual who have been consistently releasing music since 2013 and have remained a keystone for every genre previously mentioned. Much of this album was composed while bl00dwave was living in japan where they played a legendary show at Circus Tokyo with Vaperror

Equip, and R23X. I am happy to report I think this is their best album to date and was unquestionably worth the 2 year wait. Favourite tracks Spacepop and Belong.

Find more of their music below!

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