Goddess of the Hollow

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On April 14th, multi genre electronic producer City Girl dropped two full length releases in one day, "Sirens of the Formless" and "Goddess of the Hollow". While similar at a glance these releases differ wildly in execution and overall tone. Sirens of the Formless is laid back and sexy with percussive loops that do a perfect job of driving the songs forward without ever once overshadowing the melody work.  Goddess of the Hollow sees the return of long time collaborative partner tiffi, a singer/ songwriter from Sydney, Australia, who provides some very charming vocals on tracks 2, 3 and 7. These tracks, while fun and sparkly, are also dark and engaging. Feeling like a big night out, not as described in pop songs but  the full story arc. No adventure without danger. What is more impressive about this double release is that not even a year has passed since City Girl's last full length. Favourite tracks "Pray" and "Snow Cloaked Princess".

FFO: Moe Shop, CattnapAmon Tobin

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