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Noencity Records is a label out of Hongkong that I have adored since their release of one of my all time favourite EPs, Moe Moe, by Moe Shop back in Fall of 2018. They have released some incredible music from artists like MACROXX 8299, Yung Bae, ミカヅキBIGWAVE and Mark Redito who is responsible for my absolute favourite Underwater Squad remix. Neoncity Records has been at the forfront of nu-disco, future funk, kawaii bass, city pop and all the other vapor adjacent genres without ever pigeonholing themselves out of dropping a cool off genre release. You can dig through and find some synthwave, dream pop or lo-fi hip hop and before you say "well those are pretty similar", trust me, it's enough to piss of the part of your fan base who's well-being is fully reliant on the consistency of the media they consume. 

Neoncity is where I discovered cute girls doing cute things, an electronic artist from Tokyo with a cool catalouge, memorable handle and an A+ aesthetic. I've listened to this EP front to back once a day for a month. It is excellent. It's legitimately the most fun album I've heard this year. It's the beautifully lit future funk dance party we were promised. One that looks more like Space Channel 5 and less like The RoadIt's free to download on their Bandcamp and I honestly can't recommend it enough.

Favourite tracks: Shing Star and Bad Attitude 

FFO: Twinfield, Interstella 5555, City Girl and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt 

Find more of their music below

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