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a future that is already happening is the first solo LP from Jackson Scovel aka 'jackson from online'Jackson is exceedingly well liked member of the west coast's screamo, chiptune, and electronic music scenes. He plays the drums in the Seattle based electro-punk / digital hardcore band Yufi as well as the VGM inspired synth-pop project Slime Girls

This 8 song dream-pop / drum&bass record perfectly skirts the lines between the music scenes Jackson takes part. With shoegaze and bedroom-pop on the inclusivity driven emo side and elements of jungle and happy-hardcore to represent the burgeoning PLUR focused rave scene. 

I asked Jackson about their process and influences.
Here's what he had to say:

Q1: Are there any artists who have given you solid production advice that you would like to shout out?

A1: The first thing that comes to mind is when my friend primary color introduced me to the HAAS effect for widening mixes. I think I use it on every track, and I think it sounds great and really makes a Reese bass sound HUGE. I didn't get a whole lot of feedback on this record, mostly because it was all put together during quarantine, and I couldn't play any of these tunes out. However, right before [Covid-19] lockdown I had been on tour with mikey303 (aka skybox), and watching him make acid and dnb tunes on eurorack synthesizers every night really opened my eyes to sound design ideas outside of Ableton or samplers. Also not feedback either, but local Strider put out some sample packs that are all over this record, in whatever mutated state, so thank you Primary Effect, Mikey303, Strider, Dogs on Acid forums, an youtube tutorials.

Q2: What were your non musical influences for this release?

A2: During the production of "a future that is already happening", I had been reading a lot of 90's California rave scene zines, and soaking up all the crossover they had with early internet and VR, psychedelics/60's counterculture, and leftist politics. Without the ability to actually book or go to raves (safely!!!) in 2020, I had a lot of time to sit and think about the history, ethics, philosophy, and to some extent spirituality of dance music. At the same time, the black lives matter protests were happening in the states with many of us spending time in the streets, and that had me thinking a lot about rave as protest music, celebration, and energy for revolution. On a less serious note, I cannot forget to mention my staple non-music influences: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mother 3, and Nier Automata

Favourite tracks: fitton green and new saturday 

FFO: GrazPhantasy Star,  yeule, x/oYokohama Kaidashi Kikō and Azuria Sky

Find more of their music below!



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