chiptune dubstep house synthwave

"Synthwave, chiptune, and house skillfully fused together and set in a cyber punk city-scape."

That all sounds very dope and alluring but when executed it is often a cheesy, unsatisfying, disingenuousness dog turd that only vaguley attempts to authentically re-create the retro '80s hardware vibe. This EP is not that!

The latest release form Swedish producer meganeko is a 9 song full-length titled "Eclipse" that dropped earlier this year. The songs are not simply an application of tried and tested formula. Every synth line, drum sound, and change up is deliberate. This is an attempt to advance the sound as a whole.+ It's a little more dreamy and ethereal than "Nascens" but checks all the same boxes and is definatley worth a listen. Favourite track "Cloudscape Archicect". 

FFO: Perturbator, Mitch Murder and Magic Sword

Find more of their music below.

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