OMOIDE BASSは未来に繋がらない

future house kawaii kawaii bass pop vocaloid

Brimming with all the kawaii bass staples like orchestral sections, adorable sound effects and of coarse that pulsating bass synth but amamori P AKA 雨漏り P brings a lot of fresh ideas to the table with this, their latest EP "OMOIDE BASSは未来に繋がらない". This is their second EP to have dropped in 2020 along with "POP'n Hate" which was released at the end of January. They have also had their work appear on the soundtracks to several rhythm games.  The first half of "OMOIDE BASSは未来に繋がらない" is essentially kawaii vocaloid bedroom pop, drawing clear influence from the city pop sound.   Favourite track "衛星少女"

FFO: George Clanton, Twinfield and クリスタルKITSUNE

Find more of their music below.

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