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STEEL_PLUS is an electronic music producer from Japan who has created the soundtracks to Blue Revolver, Maiden Spelland One Step From Eden. While the first to games are both bullet hell / shoot'em up titles One Step From Eden is an ambitious 3-way genre hybrid. A rouge-like deck builder with a real time grid-based battle mechanic and a notoriously punishing learning curve. 

Track 34: Garoad - Chaos in Paradise is very reminicent of Yoko Shimomura's infamous Parasite Eve battle theme Arise Within You. Much of it reminds me of a higher BPM version of the FFX-2 or FFXIII OSTs or a hi-fi take on the Advanced VG soundtrack. STEEL_PLUS clearly takes note from classic VGM sounds and styles while achieving a fresh and exciting take on things.

STEEL_PLUS gave me a brief summary of their approach and a few videogame recommendations. This is what they had to say. 

Q1: How different is your approach when composing a soundtrack versus writing an album?

A1: Adjusting to the length of the gameplay is the biggest difference
Because when we’re playing a game and in an exciting situation, the vgm should be exciting too. I feel that especially strongly when I play shooters and I try to incorporate that into my style as well

Additionally, since albums are meant to be enjoyed on their own, the track tend to be more assertive. I try not to use sounds like sound effects in game music, but I use them a lot in albums

Q2: There is an anime theme song style to a lot of your tracks. Is there an anime film or series that has had an influence on you artistically? 

A2: I love anime, but my influences are are primarily video game music.
I love the tracks to "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".


Q3: You've been working on indie games for a while. Are there any "hidden gems" or underrated games that you could recommend?

A3: RefRain, REVOLVER360, reversiquest2, pause ahead, wave wave

Q4: What programs or hardware do you use to compose your music

A4: I compose entirely with virtual instruments. FLstudio, arturia V collection, VOPM etc..

Favourite tracks: The Arctic, Fairfrozen - Selicy's Theme and Garoad - Chaos in Paradise. 

FFO: Knights in the Nightmare, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis and Griftlands

Find more of their music below!

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