Serotonin II

ambient chillwave synth pop

Nat Ćmiel AKA yeule is a UK based musician who specializes in avant-garde synth-pop and experimental electronica. They are named after Paddra Nsu-Yeul from the criminally underrated Final Fantasy XIII-2. I know what you are about to say and in my defense, f*ck you, that game is tight! Sounding like a cross between the legendary FROSTBITE EP by kitty and WIXIW by Liars. Sometimes you hear a release and you instantly think to yourself "it was important that I heard this." 

yeule's catalogue features some fully re-imagined covers of artists like Melody's Echo Chamber, Frank Ocean, and Jackson Browne. She also composed 3 tracks for the Lost Memories Dot Net OST an indie game published in 2017. Serotonin II  was released on the Brooklyn based indie pop label Bayonet Records, home to artists like Kevin Krauter and Frankie CosmosThe album itself was mastered by Heba Kadry famous for her work with projects like Lightning Bolt, Bjork, and The Mars Volta. Favourite tracks Pocky Boy and Pretty Bones.

FFO: DJ510mariko, Neon Bunny, George Clanton and DEBBY FRIDAY

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