Moonlit Tales

chillwave downtempo hiphop lofi

Moonlit Tales by Portland's Kalaido is a dreamy collection of 11 lo-fi hip hop instrumentals featuring live recordings of guitar, flute, oboe, and trumpet from fellow artists Pearl Pixel, Kennebec, and Kelly Pratt. The most notable of these contributors, Kelly Pratt, is a founding member of the band Beirut and a highly recognized multi instrumentalist and composer having worked with groups like LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, and The Antlers. Pearl Pixel is primarily a sound designer and VGM composer for games like StarCrossed, ZED, and Wishmere. Kennebec is from the Portland lo-fi scene and makes vibrant and contemplative downtempo chillwave. They released their first full length album Departure earlier this year.

Moonlit Tales plays like the score to a Richard Linklater directed slice-of-life anime. It is a well crafted collaborative effort from an extremely talented group of artists. The album cover by endlesstakeout perfectly encapsulates the overall tone of the record.

Favourite tracks "Moonlight and Rain" and "Hanging Lanterns".
FFO: 5 Centimeters per Second, Leifur James and コンシャスTHOUGHTS  

Find more of their music below:

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