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Favourite track: Submarine Stillness

We were lucky enough to chat with Fernanda Dias about her work on UNSIGHTED. Here's what she had to say. 


Q1: There is a lot of excellent keyboard / piano work on the Unsighted soundtrack. Is that usually where you start when composing tracks?

A1:  Why thank you! And yes, mostly, yes. Some tracks began when I was noodling on a guitar, or even the flute, but the piano is where I feel most comfortable when sketching out an idea. Then I usually record the midi on Live and begin experimenting with the song structure, the instrumentation, the sound design etc. 


Q2: The soundtrack has clear jazz and math rock influences throughout. Are there any albums from those genres that you recommend? 

A2: I’m not familiar with a ton of math rock, so I don’t think it was too much of a direct inspiration, though I do like a lot of what I've heard in the genre. Rather I think I have many influences in common with some math rock acts, mostly stuff like Prog Rock and Jazz so maybe we occupy a similar space. But I have tons of albums I can recommend that influenced the sound of UNSIGHTED! São Paulo - Brasil by César Camargo Mariano,Festa dos Deuses by Hermeto Pascoal, Stone Flower by Tom Jobim, Coisas by Moacir Santos, A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado by Os Mutantes are some of the things I was listening while composing the soundtrack.

Q3: As far as I can tell the Sega Master System has been wildly popular in Brazil and has remained in production. Do you believe this had an impact on the indie game and underground music scenes in brazil? 

A3: Oh yeah, Tectoy, the company responsible for distributing Sega consoles here in Brazil still manufactures Master Systems and Mega Drives to this day. And I believe this has had some influence on many musicians, especially chiptune and adjacent musicians. The FM sound from the YM2612 and other similar yamaha chips in particular is very highly regarded and has influenced a lot of interesting music! I myself am a fan of the sound too, and I love designing FM synths too!

Q4: Are there any exclusive games from Brazil you recommend checking out?

A4:  I don’t think those were exclusive to Brazil, they must have been distributed throughout South America, but I used to love playing Ronaldinho Soccer ‘97 and Sonic 4 on my Super Nintendo. Of course there are some amazing non-exclusive Brazilian games recently too, like Dandara, Blazing Chrome and Dandy Ace which are all super cool!
Q5: What are your current concerns about the impending robot apocalypse?

A5:  Right now I’m mostly concerned about those Boston Dynamics dogs. Especially since they’re being used by the police and military, I don’t think that’s going to end well.

Q6: What have you been gaming lately? 

A6:  I’ve been playing mostly Metal Gear Solid V, Zelda The Oracle of Ages and some Tetris 99 these last few weeks.

Find more of her music below!


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