Better, Lost

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"Better, Lost" is the new full length release from Ireland's Breakbeat Heartbeat. 9 luminescent tracks built from acoustic guitar, authentic chip synths, amen breaks and chopped up vocals. These elements are never juxtaposed against each other the way you might expect but they are instead sewn together in a strikingly succinct manner. The tracks "Vega" and "It's Not The Same" were originally released on the "Spacetunes = Win" and "Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7" compilations respectively, published of coarse by Chiptunes = WIN. She also contributed the single "Home" to the compilation "Super Duper Digi-Punk Vol.5" published here at KOF.  It has been a while since her last full length release 2018's "I'll never be this happy again" and it will likely be a while until her next full length as she clearly takes her time crafting these absolutely gorgeous pieces like the bleep bloop equivalent of Fumito Ueda. Favourite tracks "Moon Beam" and "I Need You". 


FFO: Chipzel, Scythe and Sabrepulse

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